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(Relaxation, Swedish, Cupping, Therapeutic – Deep Tissue, Thai)

Massage is a famous practice worldwide since ancient times. Every therapist who treat musculoskeletal pathologies has used it during their lifetime. Massage has multiple techniques which have been evolving for thousands of years. We use selectively or as a mixture 4 very important techniques in which we are specifically trained.


Relaxation Massage (20-45-60 mins): Relaxation massage is one of the most famous techniques and is related to relaxation. Oil, slow and rhythmic movements and soft pressure are some characteristics of this type of therapy. Relaxation massage is very good to treat tensions, muscle spasms and biomechanical imbalances which are accumulating during everyday life. In addition, anxiety and stress of the modern way of living is tensing our nervous system and this affect muscles tension. With relaxation massage we can offer relief to our muscular system and reduce tension from the nervous system providing rejuvenation, extra energy and strength.

Swedish Massage (20-45-60 mins): Swedish massage is the one that most people think when they think of massage. During Swedish massage various techniques are used incorporating oil, medium to low pressure, fingers, knuckles, taping and soft tissue stretches. Its effect on the physiology of the body is immediate. It increases blood circulation and tissue oxygenation; it cleanses soft tissue from toxins driving them to lymph and provides elasticity to soft tissue relaxing muscular spasms. Swedish massage is one of the best treatments for people who live an intense and stressful life.

Cupping Therapy (30 mins):  Cupping therapy has been used for thousands of years from humans. In modern paramedical practice instead of fire plastic cups are used. With a plastic pump a different in pressure is created and soft tissue is pulled in the cup. This negative pressure creates a small hematoma in the area; it pulls toxins from the deepest areas so that they can be taken away from lymph easier. In addition, it increased metabolism and blood circulation which has a stronger effect in tissue detoxification. The mechanical effect of Cupping therapy is related to strong pain reduction and immediate stretch of soft tissue so that mobility and relaxation can be achieved easier. There are various methods of Cupping therapy such as dry cupping, moving cupping and wet cupping. Each one has specific effects and the therapist uses one depending on pathology and patient symptoms. It is a very effective therapy especially in combination with massage in order to relieve pain and to give mobility and relaxation to our body.

Therapeutic Massage – Deep Tissue (20-45 mins): Therapeutic massage aims at healing specific pathologies. It is used as an additional treatment or independent therapy. The subcategories of therapeutic massage are many. We use Deep Tissue massage therapy which is very effective in treating pain of musculoskeletal origin. During a sessions the therapist uses elbows, knuckles, fingers and massage tools in order to find and break muscular knobs, ischemic cycles, muscular tension, scar tissue and shortened fascia. Deep Tissue massage therapy incorporates a small quantity of oil and the patient is usually in slight pain during treatment due to mechanical pressure from the therapist. In combination with Relaxation massage, Deep Tissue offers a great opportunity for the body to relax and heal soft tissue and the nervous system.

Thai Massage (45-120 mins): Thai Massage or Thai Yoga Massage has been used for thousands of years from Thai people. It is a very unique massage type because the patient takes an active role, wears clothes, it is held on the floor, it does not require oil and includes pressure with the hands, elbows, knees and muscle stretches. The most important element of Thai Yoga Massage is the way the therapist and the patients regulate and coordinate their breathing. The therapist uses rhythmic pressure on specific body points which are in coordination with the breath. The attention of the therapist and the patient are focused on their breaths and touch. Thus, the participants manage to enter a meditative state which boosts the therapeutic effect of the massage. There are benefits on the psychosomatic plain as well since the practice aims at reducing the thinking process and increase the feeling of energy. Thai Yoga Massage is the most spiritual and holistic massage system in our list.

Sofoklis Karatzoglou